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Bought a package of Suzy Q's from the supermarket.When I took one out of the wrapper, it smelled like nail polish remover, rather than the usual devil's food cake smell.

I took a bite to be sure that it wasn't my nose messing with me.

The smell messed with my tastebuds and it tasted like nail polish remover aswell.Not sure if it's just the regular smell and taste or if they messed up on that one (or that batch) in the factory.

Review about: Hostess Brands Suzy Qs Cake.

Reason of review: Bad quality.

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Hostess screwed their bakers and drivers out of jobs in 2012.

Most likely their products are being produced in factories out of the country or by underpaid employees who just don't care!!

to Shelby #1396221

Hostess was screwed by greedy union employees lets tell it for what it is here.


Mine are zingers and it smells the same. Like acrylic nail powder


You've received a divine message warning you to stop eating that stuff.

to Pedro #1375589

^ That too. Hostess uses animal fat and animal shortening in all their products, so they are horrible for your health and body. Unless you like that, then carry on.

to Pedro #1393277

Hahaha!I know right???

They still put in their mouth even though it "Didn't smell right"! Smh!

Who does that???I can see these people on My 600 pound life.


You will want to contact Hostess directly, and make sure to give the information (such as expire date, and any codes) off of the wrapper.

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