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I bought them at 7-11 on Taraval street in San Francisco Ca, on 10/25 between 3:00-3:20pm, opened the pack and smelled a chemical smell and thought is was the air conditioning in my car so I ate one, then another and went to eat the third one and found it covered in mold!! It appears that the zinger is contaminated with something.

I want this tested and I want to know what I was poisoned with! I'm feeling dizzy and my mouth is extremely dry its been 5 hours since I ate them.

I want to send this to a lab, I demand to know what I ingested. Please contact me ASAP

Product or Service Mentioned: Hostess Brands Zingers Cake.

Reason of review: Bad quality.

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Omg the same just happened to me. I am so upset,I went to a walk in clinic.

I am having cramps and dry mouth. I feel light headed


It's 11/1/2017 and I also purchased a pack of moldy Zingers from CUB FOODS 1059 Meadowlands Dr, White Bear Lake, MN 55127.

I ate 2 of the 3 before finding the mold, they tasted like paint thinner smells.

I had been spray painting a project at work and thought that was why they tasted weird.

Got back to work and gave the third Zinger to a co-worker who discovered the mold and the smell.

I'd like to know what you found out and if it was harmful.

Went back to Cub and found the whole freshly opened box was moldy, the box was brought to their attention but little concern on the part of Cub employee.


If you're still alive to read this, if you're really feeling sick go to the ER and take nasty product #3 with you for test purposes.

Keep the packaging too.

Good luck.

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