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I bought a loaf of Hostess bread because it was the only brand carried by the convenience store. Usually when I buy white bread, the best buy date is a week or so from sale date.

Hostess bread was more than 3 weeks till best buy date. I went to make a sandwich and I could smell a very strong foul oder from the bread. I threw the whole loaf away.

I wouldn't feed this to the birds, and I doubt they'd eat it anyway. Hostess is ruining their reputation by selling a product this disgusting.

Product or Service Mentioned: Hostess Brands White Bread.

Reason of review: Bad quality.

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Agreed. I bought a loaf of Hostess white bread, and a pkg of Hostess hot dog buns, at Menard’s, for convenience sake.

$2.50 each, and they taste weird, and smell really strong, and not in a good way! The date on the buns is Dec 11, and the bread is Dec 9. The buns were flat, hard to split open, and oddly heavy/dense.

ANY supermarket brand, or Walmart brand bread items, beat Hostess. And MUCH cheaper!


Just bought some wheat hostess’s bread today it had a foul smell and on top of that I found a bug inside never buying their bread again I Happy I didn’t feed this to my kids

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