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Hostess Brands Suzy Qs Cake Review from Ozawkie, Kansas 4 of 4 people found it helpful
What a disgrace to even attach your name to what you call a might be able to fool the younger generation the product is a SuzyQ, but not us...maybe when our generation dies, you can call it that...what a huge disappointment to even put that product on the more note...I let my son have one, he said it was gross and there it sits in my house rotting, begging me to throw it in the trash. I am from Boonville, where everyday...
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so I saw SUZY Qs were back and I bought a box ... well they must have forgot how they were made & how to package them , they did not taste the same , the cake portion is not the DARK chocolate like they used to be & the cream might even be a little different , and every time I would try & remove one from its packaging the cake would stick to the plastic & the cardboard & not just a little bit ALOT ! if I wanted an inferior snack cake I would...
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I was really excited to see thats Susy Q were back so I bought a box intending to introduce my children to this wonderful phenomenon.Holy ***! When I open the the package I notice that they were much smaller than they used to be which I figured was usual business practices these days. But I took a *** and it tasted like acetone. But that could have probably been the mold that I didn't notice growing all over the bottom. Gag I will never buy a...
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The hostess cake are not good anymore.I just tasted the Suzy q. The cake is dry and lack flavor the filling in not tasty either. Hostess claimed they sold the original recipes that is a lie. Because the company that brought hostess .Don't have it at all!☹️ #notwortheating
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I saw the return of Suzy Q's and was pretty exited they were brought back.I always loved them as a kid. So, I bought a box and opened one when I got home. It was the most tasteless hostess product I have evet had. The cake, first of all, was very small: disappointing.Then I took a ***: dryer then dry, the cake had no flavor at all and the cream was just plain bland. I will never buy another box again, unless Hostess improves them and brings back...
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Their products are terrible and nothing like the original.Suzy Q are like eating paper and Twinkees have been ruined. Have you no pride in your work? Who came up with these recipes? I like the fact that you gave people a job in your factory but is it worth poisoning millions of peoples mouth with this garbage? On another note, why do I have to type a minimum of 100 words to post anything on this board? 100 words seems like a lot of writing just...
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I used to love Suzy Q's, i just ate some today and they arent the same.They are smaller and the cake part of them are very dryand dont taste the same. They need to bring the old ones back.I will never buy them again
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Just saw Suzy Q's in the Walmart and I remembered how much I loved them as a kid, it was the cream in the middle, it use to have lots of cream that I would open up the cake and lick the delicious cream.The cake would be super moist...... I was very eager to eat this treat that I didn even wait until I got home, I sat in the parking lot in my car and tried it..... Yuck!!!! Cream is not the same although the picture on the box is exactly how the...
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ARE YOU KIDDING ME ....I'm very upset to say the least . I just finished my first Susie q. In almost a decade . I'm sad to report that I'm pretty sure your trying to poison your customers . The awful taste of chemicals is stil lingering in my palate . I was more than excited to show my 8 year old son the pleasure I used to get from enjoying this snack cake as a child and young adult that is until I seen his expression after taking his first ***...
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I liked
  • What your brand use to provide
I didn't like
  • That your using harsh chemicals to make your product
I was very excited to finally see the return of SuzyQs.I looked forward to getting home to eat one. After opening the box and seeing what the new SuzyQs looked like I was extremely disappointed. This snack cake that they're trying to pass off as "the original" is nothing more than a cheap knockoff of a Little Debbie. The cake is dry and flavorless, and the cream was awful. If you want to make money on this product, please bring them back the way...
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