Hostess Brands Mini Crunch Doughnut Reviews

I just purchased a package of the crunch ones from Walgreens.The second I opened the package the chemically/ petroleum like smell hit me...I took one *** and spit it out...tasted like chemical of some kind. They were dated today, the day I purchased them. I was sick the rest of the day and couldn't get the taste out of my mouth. I thought I had been poisoned. Why is this still on the market, with complaints back to 2013??? I'm reading these...
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I didn't like
  • Paint thinner taste
  • Aware of the issue since 2013 but refuse to correct the issue
  • Poor quality
I bough bag of mini crunch donuts on 4-12-2016 when I opened them on the 12th they were fine, the next day stale and dry. Bought them at a local store Kuhn's where I always go to shop. Everytime I buy your product it seems the freshness leaves within a day of two. Then if you don't dip them in your coffee they are to dry and make you choke I am sending you a little letter with bag #'s, receipt and bar code on the bottom of the bag. please go...
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