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Had three cherry fruit pies so far. Gave them a chance....Absolutely terrible, the filling use to have actual cherries inside with a nice mix of filling. NOW, the cakes have what seem like a paste filling, terrible, absolutely horrible.....If that's what Hostess had to do to make a comeback you might as well of stayed closed. I want an answer. It's a shame you don't ask for customer information, just tells me Hostess doesn't care. I don't know...
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I didn't like
  • Cherry fruit pies
Yesterday, Sept 30, 2016, I purchased 2 Hostess Fruit Pies (cherry) for myself and the hubby. The Best By date is October 08, 2016. I don't purchase "junk" food often, so it has been several months since I bought and consumed pies, twinkies etc. Hostess has been my choice since childhood. First thing I noticed is they are now packaged in a box vs the old paper wrapper. Thought to myself maybe Hostess is taking a stand against product...
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I didn't like
  • Crust filling taste
Hostess Brands Fruit Pie Pie Review from Ottawa, Ontario
As a kid i remember getting lemon pies from hostess. I bought 5 of them today. The filling was 2 strips of hard jelly the taste was horrible. I have bought the powdered donuts reciently and they too were disgusting. I see this company going out of business soon. I will never buy another Hostess product. Nothing like the picture or the delicious pie i remember. Shame on you Hostess Brands LLC. They know their product sucks. You cant...
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Hostess fruit pies are absolutely horrible now that they come in a box. And definetley way less fruit in them. All hard stale crust. They used to be so good, I will never purchase one again. Very poor quality product. Mine went right into the trash. .
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