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I purchased a pack of powdered doughnuts at sheetz today 1/20/16 in harrisburg, pa and opened them & IMMEDIATELY it smelled of strong chemicals.Basically smelled exactly like a nail salon.

I def wasnt going to eat them but thought maybe it was in my head so tried half of 1 & spit it right back out. Also found furry mold inside another. I started googling which led me here & searched twitter.

Apparently this is a wide spread problem.Im disgusted!

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I am having the same problem.I just opened a package of the "crunch" donuts and popped one on my mouth.

Yuck! They tasted like burnt plastic/chemicals. They definitely smell awful. I've been googling it.

Your review is the most recent one I have found. I found several a year or two old. Evidently this has been going on for awhile.

That makes me even more disappointed.

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