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Hostess Brands - Donette price inconsistency 1 of 1 people found it helpful
donettes say $2.99 on the bag but the bar code comes out $3.29 AND this has happened several times with different types... chocolate and chrunch mini donuts. seems like everyone should get in on the million dollar class action suit to return the 30 cents on all the miss marked bags of donuts. otherwise i find their donuts so much better than all the other mini donut brands. i guess i could take a pic of the receipts with the bag printed...
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Sav A Lot was out of their $1.99 bag of small chocolate donuts so we purchased four bags of the Hostess brand (normally $2.99 but on sale at 2 for $4.00). The are HORRIBLE. Taste like wax on cardboard. I'm a choc-a-holic and I can't even eat these things. I put them out by my tree for the deer, skunks, and raccoons.
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