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I've been eating Hostess Ho Hos and ding dongs cakes for years. You are Ho Hos have totally change the cake is dry the chocolate is changed less filling.

Ding Dongs are fine. Please bring back the old ho-hos before the new company took over.

Product or Service Mentioned: Hostess Brands Ho Hos Cake.

Reason of review: Bad quality.

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I cannot believe how bad HoHos have become; nothing at all like the HoHos of old. What the heck happened?


I talked with customer service this morning about how bad Ho Ho's have become. I asked the woman I spoke with if other people have also expressed their disappointment.

She didn't want to answer. I agree that they now taste like the horrible "Little Debbie" brand. The chocolate covering is now paper thin and crumbles away when you open them up.

They offered me a coupon for a free box, but I graciously declined. If they revert back to the old recipe, I will buy them again.


I agree too, they are crap now, used to be great.


Totally agree, Ho Hos changed. Every since they put out try our new Milk Chocolate Ho Hos.

They are horrible now. They taste the same as Little Debbie's, which I never bought them when Hostess went out of business.

Totally tastes dry and the chocolate is horribly. Well at least Ding Dongs are still the same.

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