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The Hostess white bread I got today looked decent, but contained a wretched stench of mold as soon as I opened the package. I checked the expiration date (which was perfectly fine) and for mold (none to report).

However, there was still a lingering, terrible smell. I decided to make a sandwich just in case it was only an odd smell, but it tasted just as bad. I almost vomited. I even had my friend check it out for me, in case I was going crazy, but she agreed.

There is something wrong with the bread and what ingredients are used to make it. Whatever it is, I hope it isn't for budgeting costs, because I am never buying this product again and Hostess is losing a customer.

I hope the company can fix this (nevertheless actually read the review of this comment). If the bread has been smelling like this for so long and it has not been fixed, then that reflects on Hostess's diligence and care for their customers instead of money and mass production.

Reviewer is in unhappy mood. This person stated that there is a room for improvement of poor quality and smelled and tasted like mold. Please immediately contact the author of this review to discuss bad quality of hostess brands white bread. Hostess Brands needs to read this review and look into the issue (if any) according to poster's claims.

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I'm very concerned with all these major chemicals in the bread we're going to all get sick the package looks nice Bread's got a bad odor and I've called number of times they don't do nothing about it they play dumb :-( I am referring to the white bread if I buy it in Minnesota at Walgreens or in Shakopee Minnesota it still has a stinky odor I hope somebody does something about it before you guys are be out of business again kind of got a feeling you guys aren't very honest I hope I'm wrong.


I'll have to quit buying Hostess white bread because it's got a odor and I see there's a lot of people not happy I can't believe that they don't improve the bread I know what they should quit making the bread if they can't improve it it's got so many preservatives in there and it make your heart cry


My hostess white bread smells like bad beer mixed with chemicals. I checked the dates and the bread for mold.

All seemed to check out- but the smell! It was so prevalent, I had to throw out both loaves.


I don't think it's just Hostess, Sara Lee is where I first noticed the smell. Even store brands. I am spending more buying Pepperige Farms because it doesn't have the smell.

Rehoboth, Massachusetts, United States #1336702

The same thing happened to me, the smell is so bad and I try to ignore the smell and make my self a peanut butter sandwich for my daughter and me I ended vomiting and my daughter didn't even eat it. They should be shame of them self by making this bread that can make people sick. I am never going to buy something from them ever again.

Jackson, Tennessee, United States #1279717

I bought the hostess white bread because it was the only type at the store I was shopping . The smell is enough to make me vomit !

Smells rotten , spoiled , sour.... Looks fine ?

Louisville, Kentucky, United States #1216090

I just bought a loaf of hostess white bread, which I normally don't but that is all the drug store had and it was late. Anyway, I put a couple of slices in the toaster because I wanted some peanut butter toast.

I started smelling this really weird smell. At first I thought it was my nails because I had them done earlier but then while I was eating the toast I realized it was THE BREAD that smelled like that.

That's how strong it was people, I thought it was finger nail polish smell!!!!! I will never buy this bread again, gross!!!!

to Anonymous Jackson, Tennessee, United States #1279718

I had the same experience . Can't get the smell out of my nose!!

to Anonymous #1502948

I’m having the same problem with sunbeam sandwich bread and saraLee bread that I buy from the Dollar General store close to our house. If I buy it anywhere else it doesn’t smell or taste bad . I need to learn quickly to make sure I have bread at home before I leave town.

Detroit, Michigan, United States #1208193

Omg yes and if you noticed the dates on the white bread state its good for 2 months almost 3, what the heck us in it for it to stay perserved that long? Impossible for it to not be really bad.

The donuts omg, just bought this bag and they smell like playdough and taste of strong chemicals.

Heres a pic of its ingredients with egg being the very last meaning the very least in the mix. Im taking this as far as i can!!!!

Corning, California, United States #1197991



Please contact Hostess Brands directly to discuss your concerns: 1-800-483-7253

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