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Hostess Brands Food Manufacturers complaint 177928
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I just bought a box of muffins yesterday. They haven't even expired yet. I ate one before realizing they were ALL molded!!!!! I'm so upset. Tried calling the 800 number and the office closed at 4:30. This is unacceptable!! This has never happened to me before. I am extremely mad right now!!!

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I bought a box of Hostess blueberry mini muffins today. When I opened one of the packets the muffins had mold on them!!!! I wasn't sure what it was at first, it looked like spiderwebs, but then I realized it was MOLD! I'm so glad I didnt give them to my 3 year old as a snack! After doing google searches, SO MANY PEOPLE ARE COMPLAINING ABOUT THIS! SHAME ON HOSTESS, for the lack of quality control. Also, I've noticed with the last 5 boxes we... Read more

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I just bought a box of suzy q's and they are really dry and the cream fulling is missing something out of it. You guys need to go back to the original reicipt i will never buy any more of what us to be the best hostess you guys every made

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How can you ruin Zingers? Rubbery, no real filling. A waste.

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Guys, this problem is STILL ongoing I just went through this experience with MR FRESHLYS WHITE POWEDERED DONUTS and disgusting!! A bunch of mini spider webs everywhere almost hair like frosts ugh I wanna throw up I feel so sick how is this legal!?? If I were wealthy I would take your sick *** to court for doing this to all of us for doing this to the kids that specifically consume this product more than adults. Shame on you FLOWERS FOOD for... Read more

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The fruit pies was not fresh it needs to be sealed better my pie was dry out

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I recently bought the new Suzy Qs. Boy, was I disappointed! I used to love Suzy Qs from decades ago when I was a kid. The new formula (I won't call it "recipe") tastes like pure chemicals. There is no chocolate flavor, the cake is dry and the filling is very thin! Come on, Hostess! You can do better! I was really disappointed that they changed it so much! I didn't know what to think at first until I saw this website and read other people had... Read more

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I bought a box of the new Suzy Q's they are ***, I waited for a long time for them to come back I don't know what that's made from but it's not made from cocoa, like I said I bought one box I ate 2 bites it's going back to the store goodbye Hostess old friend goodbye new Suzy Q !!

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Hostess Brands - Mini Blueberry Muffins
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I just bought two boxes of the mini blueberry muffins the other day..........and my son came in after eating TWO of the four muffins saying "Mom, these aren't blueberry muffins, they taste weird." I looked and found MOLD!! I pray he doesn't get sick and that Hostess recalls the mini blueberry muffins. The expiration date was December 21st, 2016 so a month away still. Something needs to be done. Recall, recall, recall. I am appalled. Why does... Read more

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Hostess Brands - Mold
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I just bought 2 boxes of yals blueberry mini muffins for my kids. they was molded!!! I just bought them today. I'm glad I open them up instead of them.. and the best buy date is nov 28 2016. there was more than one pack that was molded. and I cant think of 100 words to write but that was nasty .... xxxx xxx xxxx xxxx xxx xxxx xxxx xxxx xxxx xxxx xxxx xxx !!!!!!! !!!!!!!!!! !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! @@@ !!!!!!!!!!!... Read more

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